Duct Tape Creations

A Kim Goodwin Creation

General Pricing

This page will cover a very general pricing for my most popular items. 

If your interested in ordering anything please email missducttapequeen@gmail.com I can do virtually anything! Custom orders are accepted and welcomed! Get creative! I love doing custom orders!


I can do flowers onto a necklace ball chain, typically. I have simple spikey 1 inch flowers for $5. However, I offer more intricit designs I call rolled petals. These ones go for $10, with these ones I can add designs into the flower such as a smiley, US flag, pokeball, etc.


This is for flowers added onto pens. They average around $5. I can do the traditional spikey style, but can also do more realistic flowers like roses and calla lillies. If interested I can interchange most flowers onto hair clips, headbands, etc. 


Tradional bifolds are $10, deluxe (bifold, trifold) are $20, and accordian style is $5. I can edit any style to have more or less card pockets, an ID slot, etc. I also can add pictures onto the front of anything. Just ask!


Some people call these paintings or canvas art, but I call them tapings. They are pretty much canvas art. I can do it on a canvas or thick cardstock. Sizes can be 8x10, 9x12, or 16x20. If you would like another size, feel free to ask. They start at around $20. I can do any character, person, animal, etc. 


I have two commom earring styles spikey and rolled petaled. Spikey ones are $5 and rolled petals are $10. I have done other styles like tassle, tape sillheoute, tape rolls, etc. I am up for new challenges as well. 


I have done many other projects like sculptures, clothes, or bow and arrows. Feel free to ask for special requests, even if you are not sure if I can do it. I will give it all a try.